In The Theatre of Memory: The Work of Contemporary Art in the Photographic Archive

by  Raqs Media Collective

Faces within Faces

In 'The Surface of Each Day is a Different Planet’[1], a video installation that considers,among other things, the dense presences of human beings in archival traces, we find ourselves face to face with a haunting archive of faces in the Francis Galton Collection

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A tryst with time

by  Meera Menezes

Clocks pop up in the strangest of ways in Raqs Media Collective’s quirkily titled Asamyavali/ Untimely Calendar. These are not the tick-tock variety as convention would have it, measuring life in minutes and seconds, but of a more unusual kind. While the chimes of these clocks cannot be heard,

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A time for art

by  Murtaza Vali

Taking its title from the mechanism in a timepiece that literally keeps time, that maintains the beat by permitting repeated movement at regular intervals, Escapement, Raqs Media Collective’s solo at London’s Frith Street Gallery from July the 8th to September the 30th 2009,

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by  H G Masters

"Prolixity in not alien to us in India. We are able to talk at some length." Amartya Sen, the 1999 Nobel Laureate in Economics, begins the title essay of his book 'The Argumentative Indian' (2005) with this self-reflective observation. This same ruminative tendency characterizes Raqs Media

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