Human Hauntings in the Art of Somnath Hore

by  Brishti Modak

Somnath Hore: A Centenary Exhibition, curated by K.S. Radhakrishnan at the Emami Art, Kolkata, is an ode to the artist-pedagogue who excelled in a range of mediums across sketching, painting, printmaking and sculpture.

Born on April 13, 1921, Hore grew up in the village of Barama in Chittagong

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The graphic art of Somnath Hore

by  Jaya Appasamy

Many artists arrive at their vocation through trial and error and after a meandering education that has finally led them to discover their true passion when they sacrifice all else for its sake. An artist's early life is often one of change and adventure, of the pursuit of ideals or of the illusory

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Hunger & The Painter Somnath Hore & The Wounds

by  Pranab Ranjan Ray

Memory does not retain every incident experienced by man. It only records those encounters and experiences which stimulate strong positive or negative responses. Such emotional experiences tend to have a profound influence in shaping man's life and his entire being. Social psychologists like Erik Erikson

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