P.T. Reddy - Voyage and Vision

by  K.L Kaul

Published in Lalit Kala Contemporary 28, September 1979, pp. 16-20

A vigour-exuding lower jaw bone that terminates at an energetic angle by the ear-lobe and rounds off at a prominent, forward looking chin, establishing warm-blooded determination; a firm upper lip that holds in gentle control and

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A Reminiscence

by  S A Krishnan

I went to Bombay towards the end of 1948 and met Raza in the Rampart Row Gallery of the Bombay Art Society where he was showing his paintings of Kashmir. Within a few days, I had met Ara, Gade, Husain, Souza, Bakre - all members of the Progressive Artists Group. We talked of art, modern art in particular

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