Creating a new idiom

by  Srimati Lal

I want to bring about a change in our iconography, says Manjit Bawa, a modern artist in search of a form that would emphasize his nationalist and yet incorporate international trends.

The traditional form weds the radical. The apparently religious joins hands with the frankly iconoclastic.

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In his own Words - Manjit Bawa

by  Ina Puri

As told to Ina Puri

Budapest, Hungary

I am allowing myself a few days off - these last three months have been especially busy, yet richly rewarding. I am told my exhibitions in New York, London and Amsterdam have been well received. And now, en route to Dalhousie and my empty canvas, before

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Syncope, Gaze, Realism

by  Madan Gopal Singh

“That woman dreamt herself in my dream, who inscribed herself in my dream by appearing there; I say she is not my mother. Therefore, it is the mother who writes and represents herself therein”.

Louis Martin rewriting Sigmund Freud in Writing History with the Sun King

One the mimetic fringe, images

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