Scrolling through the Remnants: Ganesh Haloi's The Architectonics of Form

by  Brishti Modak

The Architectonics of Form: Scrolls by Ganesh Haloi, the latest solo exhibition of the master artist curated by Jesal Thacker at Akar Prakar Kolkata (April 23-July 16, 2022), brings together his long-time preoccupations with naturalism and abstraction. The 23 works on display, created with Chinese

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A fertile land of pellucid light

by  Soumitra Das

Ganesh Haloi's paintings may remind one of Jibanananda Das's poem, " Abar Asibo Phire", where the poet imagines that he would return to Bengal by the banks of the Dhansiri river, as a bird if not a human, and to the rivers, pastures and farmlands of his love, to the melancholy of the greenery

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