Tying and Untying Knots

by  Nadia Nooreyezdan

Holding a large, blank paper tilted towards the sky, the central figure in Anju Dodiya’s ‘Marching With Mirrors’ seems quietly joyful. Behind her is another figure, a woman wrapped around an animal and reaching out towards the centre of the work. At a walkthrough at Chemould Prescott Road, Dodiya considers

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An anthology of personal myths

by  Ridhi Khanna

Anju Dodiya’s body of work for the last 27 years revolves around the self. Figurative in nature, she draws inspiration from various sources including Indian and Persian miniature paintings, Japanese Ukiyo-e (pictures of the floating world) prints that depicted the urban life in Japan between 17th

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Face off (After Kuniyoshi)

by  Enrique Juncosa

From the exhibition catalogue published by Galerie Daniel Templon (2010).

I made white gestures among solitudes

- Guillaume Apollinaire

This new series of large works on paper by Anju Dodiya is entitled Face-off (after Kuniyoshi), and refers to the prints with images of samurais

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