Altar- A Photographic Exhibition

by  Ram Rahman

Samit Das has always been fascinated by built form… how we make the spaces we inhabit and the histories embedded in them - social histories, cultural histories and political histories. He is an artist of urbanism. In his paintings, collages, book-assemblages he constructs imaginary spaces, all of which

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A material turn in history and aesthetics: The art of Samit Das

by  Sumesh Sharma

Published in Catalogue by Tarq, 2017, pp. 4-9

Samit Das is an artist, historian and archivist who weaves history irreverently with scholastic reasons to do so. Visual Art does not intervene in history in times where referential practice is reverential to other histories as source

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Samit Das and the Organic Assemblage

by  Peter Nagy

Assemblage is, most likely, the defining aesthetic of our times. Founded in the early 20th Century with the experiments of Cubism, Dada and Surrealism, it proved effective in both two dimensions and three, with both concrete objects in real time and disembodied images projected with light.

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Hyper Vision of The City

by  K T Ravindran

The city is not always a city with a name. Not a specific place, with no baggage of history, no structure or character that you can love. It is neutral, an assemblage of buildings, spaces and spirits. It has no people, no memory, only an uncanny ability to brutalize, a physicality and complexity that

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