Balkrishna Doshi’s Experiments in Art

by  Vasudevan Akkitham

Long before he forayed into the world of architecture, Balkrishna Doshi developed a passion for painting. He pursued it during his school days in Pune and attended additional classes under Venkatesh Patil. He was part of a group interested in plein air painting, especially done in watercolour. For college,

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Tribute to Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi

by  Aashish Karode

The passing of B.V. Doshi (1927- 2023) has not just brought the curtain down on the legendary architect’s long and illustrious 70-year career, it also marks the end of an era in Indian architecture. To define Doshi in terms of his legacy of architectural contributions is only natural. Certainly, he

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