All that is Human: A Conversation between Meera Mukherjee and Adip Dutta

by  Jigisha Bhattacharya

The recently curated exhibition, Nestled at Experimenter, Kolkata, weaves together the works of Adip Dutta and Meera Mukherjee into a reflection on life and death, memory and decay, presence and absence. In a series of works varying from kantha (traditional embroidered pieces of quilted coverings),

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Artist As Anthropologist- Confronting the Banal, Questioning the Beautiful

by  Paula Sengupta

From the exhibition catalogue published by Experimenter Gallery (2011)

On any given working day, by virtue of being his colleague, fellow-commuter and friend, a fair part of my waking hours are spent in Adip Dutta's company. As a result of this, I tend to observe and become, wittingly or unwittingly,

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