'Gold or Garam Masala?'

by  Virginia Whiles

Unknown Treasure (2017) is the initiatory relic in Subhod Gupta's first French solo show. Suspended above the grandiose staircase on entering the Musee de la Monnaie is a bronze pot (handi) from which droops a sad net of ancient tatty objects. It trickles down almost like a talisman or

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Steel Utensils: The Signature Medium of Subodh Gupta

by  Sania Galundia

Among the myriad things that are inextricably linked to the Indian culture, steel utensils are one such collective commodity ubiquitously entrenched in the Indian social fabric. In India, utensils form an integral part of a common man’s daily life not only in the kitchen but other spaces as well. Easily

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When Soak Becomes Spill

by  Bharti Kher

What could be closer to the bone than to know and work about yourself? Is one able to find a ‘place’ in the conundrum of symbols and materials that Subodh employs? There are areas of facts and fallacy, people politics, memory and discernible warning ­- anchored down by type of obvious realism. There

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Subodh Gupta: Global Native

by  S Kalidas

There is a new bartan-walla (utensil seller) from the backyards of Patna who is 'wow'-ing international art curators and collectors from Paris to Singapore. With his amazingly imaginative sculptural forms of human skulls and UFOs- made of kitchen utensils- being snapped up by serious European collectors

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