Navigating Nation, Signifying Sikhism: The Work of Arpana Caur

by  Manav Ratti

First publsihed in Sikh Formations, 2013, Vol. 9, No. 3, 381-407

This article situates the artwork of Aparna Caur within national and global contexts through such topics as the nature of the aesthetic process for Caur, the relations among affect, activism, and politics in her life and

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Arpana Caur

by  Ram Dhamija

Published in Roopa Lekha, VoL 55, 1984, pp. 65-68

Arpana Caur, today, is at a fascinating stage in her life as well as art. In her late twenties, as a person, she has had time to come to terms with herself - her great enthusiasms and antipathies for ideologies, art theories, persons, places and

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