K G Subramanyan (1924-2016)

by  Critical Collective

In this last week, two outstanding sons of Kerala passed on. Yet it is only in their passing that key values in their practice appear, like a mirrored, shadow gesture of similarities. In the politicized, yet effervescent cultural scene of India in the 1980s, Kavalam Narayana Panicker, who passed away

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KG Subramanyan - The search for authenticity

by  Keshav Malik

Published in Kala Darshan complete magazine of Indian arts and culture volume 2 no 2 April-June 1989, pp. 9-12.

When separation in the several art media is the current rule, the assorted works of K.G Subramanyan may well appear as quixotism. But, one wonders, if in this case it is really so. The

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Breaking down boundaries

by  Soumitra Das

When an artist’s career spans several decades as the 90-year-old K.G. Subramanyan’s does, it is bound to have several phases of change, when his ideas, style, materials used and even media would have undergone gradual but radical transformations. These transformations, however, would be so unhurried

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