Holy Shiver: Democracy and its Discontents

by  Amrita Chakravarty

In the recent wholesale turn towards a revanchist politics the world over, history has become the new battle field. For those of us in India, witness to the conversion of Mahatma Gandhi into an icon for a government initiated public cleaning drive, violent protests over the release of a quasi-historical

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P(I)aying the Penalty

by  Ullekh N P

The urge to switch from subjunctive to indicative is so powerful in the deeper contours of Riyas komu’s mind that he ends up outdoing himself, and then arrives closer to a new language, in the process breaching its entry points. For those who know the artist’s work, it is, of course, a recurring situation

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Stoned Goddesses

by  Riyas Komu

The morning after we began our tryst with destiny we thought we will reinvent our traditions in contemporary contexts and live new lives. We never did. The Partition of the subcontinent had driven a wedge through the hearts of people who shared a common history. It uprooted a whole generation. However,

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