Beyond Reversals

by  Gayatri Gopinath

Chitra Ganesh’s solo show Her garden, a mirror, on view at The Kitchen in New York City takes as its point of departure the novella Sultana’s Dream, by the Bengali reformer Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain. Written in English in 1905, Sultana’s Dream is thought to be one of the first literary

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A Prophetic Vision that Dares to Imagine Otherwise

by  Natasha Bissonauth

Silhouette in the Graveyard (2018), one of Chitra Ganesh’s new digital animations in her show, The Scorpion Gesture (February 23, 2018 to January 9, 2019), opens theatrically with a set of dancing curtains made of skeleton bones that quickly lift to reveal the underlying drama.

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Knowing “The Unknowns”: The Artwork of Chitra Ganesh

by  Svati P. Shah

To the extent that [Walter] Benjamin is right, that “there is a history of perception that is ultimately the history of myth,” it would not be inappropriate to regard these philosophical studies as critical illuminations of that mythology-an ideological formation. . . . What the light of history

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