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by  Gayatri Sinha

Gayatri Sinha: How do you arrive at the scrolls as a form? It cannot occupy all the space.

Nilima Sheikh: A dedicated studio space in Niharika, in our new home in Baroda, once we moved out of University accommodation made it easier to make work which would extend, beyond the drawing board.


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In conversation with Nilima Sheikh - Part I

by  Gayatri Sinha

Gayatri Sinha: When you show your scrolls Nilimaji do you intend there to be an order in how they are viewed?

Nilima Sheikh: I hadn’t planned an order but eventually after the install of Each night put Kashmir in your dreams I did first in Bombay, then at Lalit Kala Akademi in Delhi, and then

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“We’re inside the fire looking for the dark."

by  Peter Nagy

Like painting, poetry has the ability to reach the core of emotions, freed as it is from the rational, the logical, the conscious. Like poetry, painting has the ability to make that which is felt visible, that which is known in the heart accessible to the mind. Our lives are now entirely colonized by

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Political Histories of Image Making: Mapping Land, Mapping Body

by  Deeptha Achar

The artwork presented here by Nilima Sheikh can be seen as part of an unbroken trajectory, a set of preoccupations that have engaged her for several years now, more or less since 2000. Most immediately, these works resonate with the themes and the representational strategies that can be seen at play

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