The Vapour Trail

by  Abhishek Hazra

1 The Field:

In a sharp burst of momentum, you have just off that quivering slice of a diving board and find yourself in the deal centre of the swimming pool. Cool, blue water filigreed with wisps of light surround you in a multi-axial embrace. Sucking hard at the last dregs of that

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Baiju Parthan: Staging Reality

by  Arne Hendriks

“Our taverns and our metropolitan streets, our offices and furnished rooms, our railroad stations and our factories appeared to have us locked up hopelessly. Then came the film and burst this prison-world asunder by the dynamite of the tenth of a second, so that now, in the midst of its far-clung

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Apocalypse Now

by  Amit S Rai

Mumbai-based Baiju Parthan’s Dislocation: Milljunction Part 2 was mounted at Aicon Gallery, London, from the 15th of July to the 20th of August. In the last decade, Parthan has had six solo show - three in Mumbai (Fine Art Company. The Guild Art Gallery and Art Musings),

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