For many artists, the creative process is about making something from nothing. But Neha Choksi seeks to do just the opposite: to make nothing out of something.

“How do you form nothing? How do you perform absence?” Ms. Choksi, 39, said in an interview at her home in Mumbai. “These are all repeating questions.”

To address these questions in “Echo of the Inside (Column Cube I),” shown at the Frieze London Sculpture Park in 2011, Ms. Choksi first cast a 50-centimeter, or 20-inch, cube in cement grout and built a single mold around it with latex and cheesecloth. The mold was then cut, yanked off the cube in pieces and reassembled. This process was repeated until the bits of the mold could not be put together again, for a total of seven cubes stacked on top of one another.

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