When Flesh Creeps, the Mind Boggles

by  Peter Nagy

What a peculiar age this was, Des Esseintes thought to himself, which, ostensibly in the interests of humanity, strove to perfect anesthetics in order to do away with physical suffering, and at the same time concocted stimulants such as this to aggravate moral suffering!*

I was reminded

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by  Peter Nagy

When I first encountered Jitish Kallat's paintings in December of 1997 at the opening of his first solo exhibition in Bombay, now called Mumbai for the sake of post-colonial prides, the shock of the new was rather a shock of the familiar transposed, the shock of the similarities of youth all over the

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The Mumbai Syndrome

by  Patricia Ellis

When the children of Mahadanapuram asked to be taken to a festival in the impossibly distant city of Madurai, the saint Sadasiva Brahmendra simply asked them to close their eyes. There, on the banks of the river Cauvery, lids shut and minds eager, they were immediately transported to the celebration.

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