Sunayani Devi - A primitive of the Bengal School

by  Amina Kar

Sunayani Devi was born in Calcutta in December 1875.

She was the daughter of Gunendranath Tagore and the younger sister of Gaganendranath, Samarendranath and Abanindranath Tagore. The setting is that period of Bengali History which in the sphere of Art came to be known as the ‘Bengal Renaissance’.

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Sunayani Devi

by  G. Venkatachalam

The plant does not know when it blooms. Nor do birds sing deliberately. They are active with their whole and inmost being and need no reflective intellect. Sunayini Devi paints her pictures in the same way. She was never taught how to draw, and so her untouched spontaneity directly blooms in colours

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