Sudhir Patwardhan's Spectres: The artist comes to terms with the perils within

by  Manik Sharma

Published in the Firstpost, 19 November 2017

There comes a point in every man’s life, usually after he is past a certain age, that he turns his gaze inward. Artists aren’t independent of the ageing process, they are merely in a better position than most to express and contemplate it. Sixty

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City of the Soul

by  Gieve Patel

‘As above, so below’

- Hermetic axiom

‘All that is yonder is also Here.’

- Plotinus

‘Whatever is here, that is There.

Whatever is There, that again is here.’

- Kathopanishad

The paths that lead from the

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Citing the City

by  Jitish Kallat

Drawing from Life

Within the art school studio, the human body is put under intense scrutiny in a typical figure drawing class. The model strikes a pose against a blank backdrop, usually for a stipulated period of time. Professional studio models hardly move, they keep their eyes fixed

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