Rameshwar Broota: A pure quest for the unknown

by  Manohar Kaul

Published in Roopa Lekha, VoL 55, 1984, p. 77-80

Rameshwar Broota’s main theme is ‘Man’-not an automation but a man of flesh and blood with all that is attributed to a Homosapien. Thus one has not only to analyse the psyche that prompted his creation but one has also to understand and probe,

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Edge of the Precipice - The Art of Rameshwar Broota

by  Gayatri Sinha

Some soul is liberated even while in the womb, another while being born; a third whether he be a boy or a youth or an old man.

A soul born as a lower species, a soul undergoing torture in hell, a soul achieving a heavenly region may be liberated on its way.

Some soul may return

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