Sculpture in Quotation Marks

by  Peter Nagy

[Originally in Tallur L.N.: Chromatophobia - The Fear of Money, published by Nature Morte, New Delhi and Arario Gallery, Seoul, 2011]

"I am strongly drawn to Camp, and almost as strongly offended by it."

Susan Sontag, Notes on ‘Camp’, 1964. [1]

It is a story often

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The Acumenical Pursuits of Mr. L.N. Tallur

by  Peter Nagy

The hero of our story is a seemingly unassuming young man, small in stature and of a dusky complexion, whose methodical demeanor is tempered by a very jocular approach to art and life. He hails from the state of Karnataka in southern India but has been living in Korea for the better part of the past

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International Vernaculars and Throwaway Epiphanies: the recent work of Tallur L. N.

by  Chaitanya Sambrani

Tallur L .N.’s artistic career has proceeded along an unusual route. Following his bachelor’s degree, he spent two years studying museology before returning to study contemporary art. Having failed to gain admission to the prestigious MA in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Baroda, India, Tallur

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