"The natural landscape has either become a repository of waste, or the provider of capital."


Gayatri Sinha: Your early work was centred around the ecology of the river Yamuna and its degradation. Your recent exhibition titled ‘The Familiar is Always a Stranger’ also shows works of a broader nature, such as the closure of the Indraprastha Power plant. Are these works on a continuum of

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The Desert of the Anthropocene

by  Critical Collective

Critical Collective (CC): A good part of your recent practice, your writing and thinking has been devoted to the idea of the Anthropocene. Can you explain your position in the context of India, and the broader questions around ecology?

Ravi Agarwal: I became interested in and a critic of the

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Ecological Ruminations: Ravi Agarwal

by  Amrita Gupta Singh

To extract ‘ecology’ from theoretical abstraction and bring it into the realm of lived experience needs alternative ways of thinking and being in our world. Nature is a problematic subject, and the Cartesian distancing of culture places it in a field of confrontation. Rather than dualism, thinking about

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An Other Place

by  Latika Gupta

The city I grew up in is transforming itself. Over two hundred thousand trees will be cut by 2010 for the metro, new roads, new malls and the commonwealth games. The ancient Ridge forest has now a fast train running through it. Buildings are brought down with the boom of a crane, in an instant, and

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