Queer Cruising in a Time Capsule

by  Ksenia M. Soboleva

The 1970s in the United States was a decade marked by conflict: the Vietnam War, the race riots, the debates over women’s equality, not to mention inflation and unemployment. Yet for some groups the decade was also marked by sexual liberation, as the Stonewall Riots of 1969 (incited by black drag queens,

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In conversation with Sunil Gupta

by  Radhika Singh

Born in New Delhi in 1953, Sunil Gupta left India when his family emigrated to Montreal, Canada in 1969. He subsequently studied in New York, and finally settled in London to live and work. In 2004, Sunil came back to India with his first autobiographical exhibition and stayed in New Delhi for seven

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Me, Myself and You

by  Keith Wallace

For over four decades, Sunil Gupta has successfully weathered the often troubled terrain of what are possibly two of the most maligned genres in the fine arts -the photographic documentary and the portrait, the latter often embedded within the former. While exhibitions of documentary and portrait photography

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