In conversation with Bharti Kher

by  Gayatri Sinha

Gayatri Sinha: On my way here I was thinking that everything that you do is about balance. A lot of the sculptures for instance, or the work you’ve done earlier was about retrieval, the found, the old, the rejected by time, the dentures, the body parts, the skeletons…and even if the work didn’t have

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The Private Softness of Skin

by  Peter Nagy

Transience seems to be a marked characteristic of our times, as populations shift, as communications enable people to roam more frequently. While many people continue to choose to migrate out of India, certainly a reversal of this pattern is starting to be noticeable. With greater economic and social

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A Bearer of Intimate Signs

by  Gayatri Sinha

From the exhibition catalogue published by Parasol Unit (2013)

Bharti Kher’s work never fails to carry within its deepest core a sign, waiting to be touched and unraveled [1]. This may be because each work is the consequence of slow gestation and embedded conversations, at it assumes lives, negotiates

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