Pushpamala’s Epigraphica Indica

by  Bhavya Sah

Sculptures documenting the past and the present come together in Pushpamala N.’s latest solo show at Gallery Sumukha, Bengaluru (March 12-April 16, 2022). Titled Epigraphica Indica, the exhibition consists of two groups of copperplate works. The first is Atlas of Rare and Lost Alphabets

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Mimesis as Nemesis?

by  Parul Dave Mukherji

Pushpamala’s works never cease to surprise the viewer with their spectacular juxtaposition of iconoclasm and spectacle. In her current show titled Body Politic being held at gallery Nature Morte, she brings together these two ends of visual representation with characteristic panache. Photo-performance,

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Portrait of an artist as a photograph

by  Soumitra Das

Published in The Telegraph, 2004

Even when Pushpamala N. worked as a sculptor, she broke out of the Henry Moore mould and opted for figurative work. The narrative movement was very strong when she was studying at MS University in the late 70s, and she was deeply influenced by the work of K.G.

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The Last Remake of Indian Modernity?

by  M Madhava Prasad

A story in which the goings on in the narrative present are haunted by memories of the past, of childhood and innocence, the stuff of nostalgic black and white flashbacks in films about decline and decay, hinting at more than the photographs can show: the sudden appearance of a stranger, his adventures

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