by K. A. Nilakanta Sastri

Ptolemy and Western India
by B. A. Saletore


Tibetan Paintings
by Ajit Ghose

The ritualistic theory and praxis of the Buddhist sahajiyas
by Shashibhusan Dasgupta, translated by Pronoy Chakraborty

Notes on the Svayambhu Puranam
by Haraprasad Shastri

Ashtamahabhaya Tara
by Debala Mitra

The only image of Chunda
by B. Bhattacharyya

The Hindu Monks in South China
by Probhat K. Mukherji

The Chinese Tripitaka
by V.V. Gokhale

Buddhist Wheel and the Way
by C.A. Rhys Davids

A Nepalese Tara
by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

by V.S. Agrawala

Anatta or No-Soul
by Bhikkhu Narada

The Bodhisattva Ideal
by Devapriya Valisinha

New Buddhist Texts from the Central Asia
by G. M. Levin and E. N. Tymokin

A Buddhist Cave of Lonad
by Rudolf von Leyden

Did Panini Know Buddhist Nuns?
by K.V. Lakshman Rao

The Colossal Buddhas at Bamiyan
by Benjamin Rowland Jr

Siddhartha’s abiding message
by Krishna Chaitanya

The origin of the Buddha image [1]
by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

The Second Buddhist Council
by Narendra Nath Law

The Date of Buddha Nirvana
by Madan Mohan Singh

Ceramics of Sarnath
by Adris Banerji

The synthesis of Tantrika culture
by Radhakamal Mukherjee

Excavations at Sankisa
by Hirananda Sastri


Jewellery Moulds in Ancient India
by Moti Chandra and Parmeshwari Lal Gupta

Jewellery in Indian Art
by Kalyan Kumar Ganguli

Horse in Pre-Mauryan Art
by Charu Chandra Das Gupta

The White Elephant
by Moti Chandra

Early Indian Bronzes
by Prithvi K. Agarwala

The Mystery of Mahadeva
by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

Siva-His Pre-Aryan Origins
by Amalananda Ghosh

Decoration In Indian Sculpture
by Kalyan Kumar Ganguli

The Unfolding of Kali
by Arghya Dipta Kar

Kali and Shiva
by Akshaya Kumar Banerjea

The Chandi
by Swami Jagdishwarananda

Some temples on Mount Abu
by D.R. Bhandarkar

Jain Iconography
by H.D. Sankalia

Symbolism and Image Worship in Jainism
by Asoke Kumar Bhattacharya

Mahisasuramardini Durga
by Shri Kumar Prafulla Chandra Bhanj Deo

Kali Dancing on the Breast of Shiva
by Akshaya Kumar Banerjea

The Art of Gupta Coins
by B.S. Sitholey

A Unique Copper Coin of Siri Satavahana
by S.A. Joglekar and Moreshwar G. Dikshit

A Unique Gold Coin from Tamralipta
by Paresh Chandra Das Gupta

Indian Pilgrimage
by E.B. Havell

Development of Devotional Theism
by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy and Mulk Raj Anand

The World-Cycle
by R. Shamasastry

The Early Vaishnava Pantheon
by Vishwambhar Sharam Pathak

Shiva of pre-historic India
by D.R. Bhandarkar

Vedic Iconography
by S. V. Venkateswara

Yama and Yami
by H. Heras, S.J.

Surya: The Sun God
by Nalini Kanta Bhattasali

Purna Kalasa
by V.S. Agrawala

Has Buddhism left the land of its birth?
by Jatindranath Nath Mukherjee

Sanchi revisited
by Krishna Chaitanya

Wood sculpture from Gujarat
by BN Treasurywalla

A glance on Asokan Art
by Ramananda Chatterjee

Indian votive and memorial columns
by Jitendra Nath Banerjee

An Early Pala Ivory
by Sherman E Lee

Art in Coins
by Suniti Kumar Chatterji

A standard type coin of Samudragupta
by Parmeshwari Lal Gupta

Pre-Mauryan art and architecture
by Avinash K. Srivastava


Srinagar and its Surroundings
by John Collett, edited by A. Mitra

Temple of Martanda
by Pandit Anand Koul

Sculpture in Orissa
by Sarat Chandra Ghosh

Sakuntala in Sunga Sculpture
by Bahadur Chand Chhabra

Excavations at Sirpur
by Sant Lal Kishore

An Abhisarika Vishnu image
by Jitendra Nath Banerjea

Early terracotta from Chandraketugarh
by Paresh Chandra Das Gupta

Carvings of Kulu Valley
by Ram Nath Pasricha

Sculptures from Chandravati
by U.P. Mookherjee

Parents of the Tirthankara
by Umakant P. Shah

by Jitendra Nath Banerjee

The Sun God of Konark unearthed
by Pranakrushna Samal

Some temples on Mount Abu
by D.R. Bhandarkar

Stones of Somnath
by Amrit V Pandya

Orissan sculpture
by O.C. Gangoly


Andhra Sculpture
by K.Ramakotiswara Rau

South Indian Temples
by V.Raghavendra Rao

A Unique Bronze Nataraja from Tranquebar
by K. S. Ramachandran and C. Krishnamurthy

Chola Temple in Pudukkottai
by Venkataranga Raju

A Pandyan Bronze from Tekkattur
by S R Balasubrahmanyam

by M. Venkataramayya

A new South Indian bronze
by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

Jain vestiges in the Pudukotah state
by K.Venkatarangam & S.R. Balasubrahmanyam

Mural paintings in Travancore
by K. P. Padmanabhan Tampy

A rock-cut cave in Travancore
by A.S. Ramanatha Ayyar

Some Pallava icons
by V.M.Narasimhan

An iconographic note
by Krishnaswami Aiyangar

Kodanda Rama
by K N Sitaram

Chola temples in Pudukkottai
by Venkataranga Raju

Krishnapuram Sculptures
by J.M Somasundaram

The Suchindram Temple
by K. P. Padmanabhan Tampy

Parantaka Cola’s Erumbur Temple
by S R Balasubrahnmanyan and K Venkataranga Raju


Kalighat and Calcutta
by Gaur Das Bysack

Itmaduddaulah’s Tomb at Agra
by Nandalal Chatterji

Muslim Waterworks
by C. Schweitzer

Indo-Muslim Architecture
by M. Abdulla Chaghatai

On Some Early Garden History
by C. M. Villiers Stuart

The Sikh Scriptures
by Gokul Chand Narang

Founders of the Faith
by Jagjit Singh

Sa’adi’s Visit to Somnath
by Akthar Kazi Ahmad Mian

Kabir's Philosophy
by Prabhakar Machwe

East India Company and Jahangir
by Vijaya Chandra Joshi

A Note on Jali Windows
by Cyril G.E. Bunt

Muslim Jewellery
by Jamila Brijbhushan

The Moghal Gardens in Kashmir
by Sachchidananda Sinha

Garden Carpets
by AF Kendrick

Akbar was Literate
by Makhanlal Roy Chowdhury

A Rare Mughal portrait
by O.C. Gangoly

Akbar as a painter
by Anu Ghose

Fabled Golconda
by C. Sitaram

Penman’s materials in Islam
by A.K. Bhattacharya

Jaipur: An architectural survey
by Durga Shankar Bajpai

Bundela Art
by Herman Goetz

Muslim decorative legacy
by Krishna Chaitanya

The Golconda Fort
by M. Fathulla Khan


Notes on Raginis
by Kannoomal

The Conqueror's life in Jain painting
by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

The Rasamanjari in Basohli Painting
by Karl Khandalavala and Moti Chandra

Indo-Japanese Painting
by O.C. Gangoly

A Vaishnavaite Madonna
by Sushil Banerjee

Paintings from Lepakshi
by C Sivaramamurti

A Pastoral Paradise
by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

Indian Portraits
by Samarendra Nath Gupta

Nagara painting
by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

Paintings from Mankot
by M. S. Randhawa

Paintings from Nalagarh
by M. S. Randhawa

Chola paintings
by S. K. Govindaswami

On Indian images
by Jitendra Nath Banerjee

Notes on Raginis
by Kannoomal

The Sikh School of Painting
by Samarendra Nath Gupta

A Signed Molaram
by Chandradhar Guleri

A Note on Ragamala
by N.C.Mehta

Rajput Painting
by Herman Goetz

The Technique of Mural Paintings
by Jayantilal T. Parekh

Anatomy in Indian Art
by Barada Ukil

Kishengarh paintings
by Adris Banerji


Notes on some Indian Amulets
by Moreshwar G.Dikshit

Jaipur Textiles
by Jaya Appasamy

Phulkari work in the Punjab
by Samarendranath Gupta

Dacca Muslin
by Probodh Kumar Datta

Textile and Design
by Nilima Barua

Indian Jewellery
by Jamila Brijbhushan

Bidri Ware
by T. R. Gairola

Chamba Rumal
by Kalyan Kumar Ganguli

Fabrics and Handiwork
by Kamala S. Dongerkey

Silk Handloom Industry
by A. Palaniappa Mudaliar

by S. J. Tellery

Portrait of Delhi
by Amita Malik

Shawl Making
by Editors of the Lalla Rookh Publications

by R.N. Mehta

Costumes of India
by Sachin Roy

Handloom Weaving
by D.M. Amalsad

The Kashmir Shawl
by G. Venkatachalam

Silk Industry
by L. Desi Gowda

The Lepchas of Sikkim
by P.C. Biswas

Dances of Manipur
by Sreemati Tagore

Carpentry industry
by SR Upadhyay

Folk culture in North Bengal
by Nirmal Chandra Chowdhuri

Kashmir shawls
by Moti Chandra

Leather puppetry
by M.S Nanjunda Rao

Folk painting on glass
by Jaya Appasamy

Indian carpets since Mogul times
by Umakant P. Shah and Krishna Deva

by Tinkari Mukherjee