Caryatid - A View Point

by  Chaitanya Sambrani

First published in 1996.

There is a myth about South Indian temples that Shakuntala Kulkarni likes to narrate. The temple priest argues that the vision of the image of Visnu is too powerful in its beauty to be beheld by mortal eyes all at once. That is why the sculptural relief of sesasayi

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And When She Roared The Universe Quaked

by  Shilpa Phadke

First published in catalogue by Chemould Art Gallery, 2007 and Westerly, 56:2, November, 2011.

“…and when she roared the universe quaked” complicates our understanding of violence - how do we relate to it when we find it at the centre of a performance, when martial art practices allow us access

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Beyond procenium

by  Shanta Gokhale

This show constitutes two breaks in Shakuntala Kulkarni's work. The first is a break away from water colours and the second a break away from the two-dimensional picture. While her mixed media works on paper explore spaces other than the domestic spaces of her earlier works, her acrylic on canvas works

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