Akbar's Aura

by  Geeta Kapur

Akbar has passed on and left us with the sense of an absence that will evolve into grace. A remote presence with a visible aura. A year ago, in January 2019, I spoke on him, and to him, at a felicitation function organized by the Asia Society in Bombay. On this occasion, when he saw a row of us speaking

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Nature as Landscape

by  Pria Karunakar

What does one experience of Nature through landscape; earth, water? Sky? Time circuits with the sun and moon. Seasons change. From seed comes sap. From sap - this driving force, a structure. This structure flowers. Seed implodes. The structure collapses; the germ remains.

The bones of mountains themselves

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Akbar Padamsee

by  Sham Lal

“Painting is man face to face with his debacle,” someone has said. “Why not face to face with his despair, his anguish, his loneliness or his sense of bewilderment?’ Akbar Padamsee is apt to ask, “Or why not, in a moment of felicity, face to face with the love that wells up in his heart?” Though young

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