An Unreasoned Act of Being: New Sculptures by Himmat Shah

by  Gayatri Sinha

First published in An Unreasoned Act of Being: New Sculptures by Himmat Shah, Mapin Publishing Pvt Ltd, 2007

Art is neither conformity to reality nor a flight from it, it is reality itself…

the threshold for the passage into the state of freedom.

-Manifesto, Group 1890, 1963


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Himmat Shah at Jawahar Kala Kendra

by  Gayatri Sinha

Himmat Shah at Jawahar Kala Kendra -- a refined, smaller version of what was seen in the KNMA retrospective -- is an exhibition significant beyond the event. As one of a triad of exhibitions curated by Roobina Karode, it adds substantially to newer directions in the received history of Indian modernism.

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Sculpting With Gravity: the Himmat Shah Retrospective at KNMA

by  Shukla Sawant

When one examines the history of exhibition making in India, one finds a big gap in the manner in which sculpture has been considered in the grand narrative of modernism’s history. One reason for this marginal presence is that even in the modernist era, sculptors aspired to monumentality and functioned,

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The sculptor as poet

by  Prayag Shukla

Himmat Shah has been working in terracotta and ceramics for almost ten years. His output in this medium, particularly the celebrated Heads series, has not only attracted the attention of the discerning art public but also influenced a whole generation of sculptors.

Recently, Himmat has been engaged

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