Wild Tales, Cosmic Waters

by  Radhika Subramaniam

First published as a Catalogue entry for Absur-city-pity-dity exhibition brochure, New York: Jack Shainman Gallery, 2015.

There are signs of flowing water on Mars, says the news, bringing an unexpected thrill to a Monday morning. We see reflected in our red neighbor some of the potencies

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Making Art Amidst the Death of an Immortal River

by  Adrian Muoio

Amidst the thousands of ghungroos on the walls and floors, the muted and meditative essence of Vibha Galhotra’s exhibition at Jack Shainman Gallery in New York City is curiously contradictory. It’s somewhat illogical, too. Yet in a show titled Absur -City -Pity -Dity, it makes perfect sense that

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Vibha Galhotra

by  Lucie Fontaine

Prologue - my very private utopia

Once upon a time humans lived under the shadow of big utopias. Called with names like Religion or

Ideology, these big utopias brought masses of individuals together who would live, love and die for them.

This time has passed and now big utopias have been

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