Silent Soliloquy

by  Uma Nair

When an artist makes a statement through a form that lends itself to an expression of the personal and the perceptive, the works seem to embody the transience beheld within the very exercise of capturing that sense of assonance in the modulations of harmony.

Zarina’s cachet of works from the 70’s,

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Zarina's Folding House

by  Devika Singh

Drawings of houses have long acted as portable repositories of Zarina’s migrant biography. The variations she developed throughout her career on their shapes, sizes and floor plans form a recurrent presence in her prints. Zarina’s houses encapsulate through simple signs much of her relation to the world.

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Zarina Hashmi: Sacred Geometry of Light and Darkness

by  S Kalidas

Kya bood-o-baash poochho ho poorab ke saakino; hamko ghareeb jaan ke hans hans pukaar ke

Dilli jo ek shahar tha aalam mein intakhaab; rahte the muntakhib hi jahan rozgaar ke

Usko falak ne loot ke veeran kar diya; ham rahnewale hein usi ujare dayar ke

Why ask where

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