by  Nadia Nooreyezdan

What does the language of art look like? What are the shapes of its alphabets? Delhi-based artist Arpita Singh spent almost a decade exploring this idea, producing experimental abstract compositions only by using the formal elements of line and a minimum amount of colour. The collection of 35 of these

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Between the Lotus and the Gun

by  Yashodhara Dalmia

Published in ARTIndia, Volume 7, Issue 1, Quarter 1, 2002, pp. 64

Yashodhara Dalmia focuses on Arpita Singh’s recent mural Wish Dream which reflects a meditative quality occasionally stained by the colors of violence.

Arpita Singh’s room-sized mural, which was recently

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Arpita Singh

by  Krishna Chaitanya

Arpita Singh’s art seems to have evolved broadly in three main phases. In the first phase she roamed happily in a child’s garden of verses that took on form to become delightful images, often in mystifying juxtapositions. These occasionally make you feel that yours is the face, strangely upside down

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Materialising Dream: Body and Fabric

by  Nilima Sheikh

From the catalogue of the exhibition, Arpita Singh Paintings 1992-94, published by Vadehra Art Gallery (1994).

Arpita was talking about the mysterious business of painting a painting. She described how she keeps painting this or that, ladening the surface, adding images. "I keep painting,

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