Francis Newton Souza - Devil in the Flesh

by  Geeta Kapur

Published in Third Text, 3:8-9, 1989, pp.25-64

Francis Newton Souza[1] was born in April 1924, in Portuguese Goa, in a Roman Catholic family of Konkan origin. The father, Joseph Newton, died three months after his son's birth, leaving his young wife, Lily Mary, practically destitute. In the following

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F.N. Souza-The works of Forties

by  Vinod Kumar

Published in Lalit Kala Contemporary-32, 1985, pp. 42-43

The 1940’s form a most important decade of this century. It was a time known for its ambiguity and restraint. Cultural encounters were an incentive to drastic changes in the Indian art scene which resulted in various kinds of visual experiences.

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Souza in London

by  Yashodhara Dalmia

Incipient energies released in a generative environment often have far reaching effects. We have only to witness the works of a painter like Paul Gaugin whose journey to the South Sea Islands culminated in the sensuous bodies undreamt of by modernism. Amrita Sher-Gil, part Hungarian and part Indian,

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