Dream of a Dialogue: Masculinity, Sexuality and Modernity

by  Annapurna Garimella

Flowers from Heaven XIV is a large, luscious painting. It has two central foci; on the left is a moth-like creature clinging or even stuck in a flowery mandala which radiates from its purple centre through its lilac and then pink outer circles to finally unravel into red and white streaming lines

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The Flower Child is Back

by  Niyatee Shinde

Manu Parekh is back in the gallery with his ‘flower of Benaras’. The painter with those brutish expressionistic strokes returns to Bombay after a decade with a show which opens at the Jehangir today. Niyatee Shinde probes his psyche.

Although he started painting at the age of five, Manu

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