World of Memories

by  Vidya Shivadas

The wide-eyed boy appears in a reverie. The real and fantastic combine in his mind as the neighbourhood cat transforms into a rocket all set to launch the boy into space. A scorpion clambers across his face but the boy is unperturbed by its presence.

For in Madhvi Parekh’s paintings curiosity,

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The Universe as Consciousness

by  Peter Nagy

‘As I contemplate,’ says Nature, ‘the lines which bound bodies come to be as if they fell from my contemplation.’ Plotinus, Enneads, III.8.3-4.

The art of Madhvi Parekh seems to hover independently between genres, styles and cultural constructs. Much has already been written on the importance

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Madhvi Parekh’s Paintings

by  Bhupen Khakhar

I have been looking at Madhvi Parekh’s paintings for many years. Critics have written appreciatively about her works. Her painting is influenced by folk-art. Over the years, it has progressively evolved. One can discern in it the influence of contemporary art. Madhvi Parekh has been inspired by modern

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The Centre and the Periphery

by  Jyotindra Jain

One night he had a dream. In the dream he had wings. He could go anywhere. So he took off, but found himself hovering just above his home and his land. Because he wanted to escape from the scene vertically, not horizontally. From this height he could see his life altogether - the cow which had recently

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