Part of “Indian Highway”, Serpentine Gallery, London (2008); Astrup Fearnley Museum (2009); Herning Kunstmuseum, Denmark (2010); Lund Konsthalle (November 2009)

Participating Artists

Debkamal Ganguly, Ruchir Joshi, Kavita Pai & Hansa Thapliyal, M.R. Rajan, Priya Sen, Surabhi Sharma, Vipin Vijay

Steps Away from Oblivion is a circuit of films, installed on screens and as projections in a confined space, that invoke different rhythms of repose and transformation.

The Raqs Media Collective invited eight documentary filmmakers to revisit key moments in their work; re-editing, re-making or re-presenting particular sequences from their films.

In The Sleepwalker's Caravan (Prologue), Raqs's own contribution to the circuit, we are greeted by the wandering figures of a yaksha and a yakshi, mythic guardians of treasure and keepers of riddles in different Indic traditions, as they traverse a contemporary landscape which the other films also portray and problematize.

Text by Raqs Media Collective.

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