Anupam Sud is one of our versatile print makers. Print making in the present form is of a recent origin in India. That this form of creative endeavour has come to stay is due to the efforts of some important artists who worked tirelessly to give to it direction and content after suffering many privations and facing many difficulties.

In Delhi, it was Somnath Hore, who introduced the graphics and the inspired was Jagmohan Chopra who later in his enthusiasm formed the “Group 8” at Delhi. Anupam Sud was one of the members of this Group. She showed promise when she was receiving training at College of Arts, Delhi under the stewardship of Jagmohan Chopra, who took over from Somnath Hore at the Delhi College of Arts. Before being initiated in the print makers’ art, she used to paint and sculpt.

In this medium which is no doubt challenging, Anupam Sud tried her hand at all the know forms of the print makers art. She has executed many good works, based on etchings, lithographs, Intaglio and Silk-screen. Lately she has been involved in photomontage and she has been successful in creating a few superb pieces in this art form. At present she is the Head of the Print Making Section of the college of Arts, Delhi. A product of the same College, Anupam Sur after obtaining National Diploma in Fine Arts took keen interest in art organisational work and was an active member of the 'Group 8. Jagmohan Chopra, the live adherent of Graphics, set up a workshop in his own house for the facility of the artist who craved to pursue this art form. The enthusiasm displayed by Chopra was applauded by the art circles in India.

Anupam Sud by dint of her hard work and absolute dedication to this art form was offered two scholarships by French and British print making establishments to acquire proficiency in her pet objective. She opted for the scholarship offered by British Council for advanced studies in print making at Slades School of University College in London. During her one year stay in London, her work was highly appreciated. Pat Gilmour, one of the outstanding art critics, mentioned her work in her write-up on Graphics in one of the prestigious art journals of London ‘Art Review'.

Thus encouraged, she worked independently for a period of 5 years -1973-78 at Delhi. Her efforts bore fruit and she won the National Award from the Lalit Kala Akademi in 1973. She was awarded by the All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society a number of times. Sahitya Kala Parishad Delhi also awarded her for prints and drawings. She is the recipient of awards and medals from other art exhibitions in the country. Her solo exhibitions in 1967, 1968. 1969 and 1971 in Delhi were well received. She also participated in Group shows in Delhi. London, Manchester, Italy and Frankfurt. Besides, Anupam Sud participated in Inter-national Exhibition, New York, Western Pacific print biennale, Australia and third world art, London.

She has touched many themes but most of these relate to human sufferings. Her heart goes to the poor; the pavement and slum dwellers. These destitute are shown in the background of affluence indicating the socio-economic inequality-ties perpetuated on humans. Her 'isolation’ series bring into focus the helplessness of individuals for survival. These projections invoke sympathy and also heart searching. Her earlier works of human form in oils also evoked interest for these were done in soft shades and hues with a tinge of mystique. But her forte remained graphics and when asked about her preference, she says that the Graphics was a new form and was challenging and as she puts it that she enjoys to face challenges, be these in her personal life or directed to creative activity.

After a brief interview with her for writing this piece, I left with a feeling that she is a spirited person and is totally dedicated to her art. With this drive and enthusiasm one should expect the flowering of this artist to blossom in near future.

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