Interview With A Ramachandran

by  Manisha Gera Baswani

A Ramachandran is a major figure in the contemporary Indian art scene.Known primarily for his massive mural-like oil paintings, Ramachandran’s rich body of work-spanning five decades-includes sculptures, water colours, ink and colour drawings, miniature paintings, children’s book illustrations, stamps,

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A. Ramachandran

by  Ella Datta

Published in India Perspectives, Vol. 24, No. 6/2010, pp. 39-42.

One of the foremost artists of India, A. Ramachandran has charted out a singular course for his artistic expression. Both as a painter and a sculptor, Ramachandran has established a new idiom in which man and nature share a symbiotic

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A. Ramachandran: A Retrospective

by  R Siva Kumar

This is A Ramachandrans first solo exhibition in Kerala. It presents a selection of his works done between 1964 and 2013. The scope of this exhibition is, therefore, that of a retrospective. It includes some very significant paintings, sculptures, prints, water colours and drawings,, but does not include

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