‘If humankind wants to survive the twenty-first century’

by  Devika Singh

Nalini Malani’s shadow plays have become the cornerstone of her rich and rigorous body of work. Using a variety of media, they weave into their narrative structures her political and feminist commitment. Her spellbinding installations have featured in many international exhibitions and are held in the

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Nalini Malani, a Global Storyteller

by  Christine Vial Kayser

Published in Studies in Visual Arts and Communication: an international journal Vol 2, No 1 (2015)


Nalini Malani is an Indian contemporary artist who lives in Mumbai. Her work is constructed as a narrative that interweaves Eastern and Western mythologies and aesthetics forms

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Apocalypse recalled: the recent work of Nalini Malani

by  Chaitanya Sambrani

For nearly two decades now, Nalini Malani has sustained a dialogue with presences and absences in history, with the unending succession of brutality that human history represents. In her engagement with historical discourse, she is part of a distinguished cohort of third world artists who have insistently

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