J Swaminathan and his work

by  Geeta Doctor

Published in Namaste, the Welcome Group Magazine, XX/4, October to December, 2001, pp. 28-33

Artist J. Swaminathan was closely associated with Bharat Bhavan in Bhopal. Here, he gathered a lively collection of art and craft and began to explore the richness of tribal crafts for which

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Swaminathan and the Moment of Group 1890

by  Vivan Sundaram

Published in the Journal of Arts & Ideas, Nos 27-28, March 1995, pp. 147-150

I do not know whether I wanted to or want to reach anywhere. I have known fear, anxiety, at times pleasure, but never has my core that is my consciousness, that is I, known the absolute calm that takes hold of me when

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A furious purity

by  Ashok Vajpeyi

Ashok Vajpeyi reminisces about J. Swaminathan’s organizational and administrative skills which culminated in completely new and institutional statements such as the Bharat Bhavan and the Museum of Man in Bhopal.

Years ago I borrowed a book from Swaminathan on Marcel Duchamp written

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