An Elegy to the Universal Soldier in T.V. Santhosh’s History Lab

by  Mrinalini Vasudevan

First published on 26th February 2024

T.V. Santhosh’s latest solo exhibition -- “History Lab and the Elegy of Visceral Incantations” -- at the Dr Bhau Daji Lad City Museum, Mumbai, comprises of watercolours, oil on canvas paintings and wooden sculptural installations that engage with recurring

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Destroying the destroyed

by  Shaheen Merali

Published in Art Journal, Vol 2, Issue III, 2010, pp. 23-26

In the exhibition “Burning Flags” by T. V. Santhosh, the 'Burning' seems to be about the paradoxical shift, which incessantly needs to be re-evaluated according to the thesis of the works presented.

In writing a review for the T.V

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