Memory, Materiality, Sediment: Benitha Perciyal

by  Amrita Gupta Singh

The French philosopher, Felix Guatarri’s proposition of an ‘ecosophical praxis’ [1] adjoins to Benitha Perciyal’s modes of seeing and making that is transversal and interdisciplinary, enfolded in sensory meanings, social flows and human subjectivity. Guatarri speaks of processual paths between three

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Ode to a fierce fecundity

by  Sadanand Menon

Published in Art Chennai, 2012

Benitha is among the few contemporary artists who exults in celebrating the sensuality of memory, erasure, trace. Her work consistently remains an ode to the ephemerality of the experience of a fierce fecundity.

The delicacy of concerns here is as profound

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