A moveable feast

by  Patwant Singh

The first stirrings of the artist in Satish Gujral began at the age of eight. When he became totally deaf. They grew in the next five years, as he alternated between an overwhelming loneliness born of bewildering silence that had descended on his inner world, and the agony of his bedridden body racked

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Playing with the subconscious

by  Seema Bawa

With his show that opens at Art Today today, Satish Gujral exhibits in the Capital after a considerable gap. Almost all contemporary Indian artists can be identified with a particular style, imagery and material. All but Gujral.

The artist has never been bound by his previous work. Never stagnating,

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Satish Gujral

by  Gayatri Sinha

Even the most vexed debates in India on art and nationalism in the 1950’s did not admit of the artist’s use of the body as locus for social history. The sole exception is Satish Gujral, a refugee of the 1947 Partition of Punjab who chose to paint in the heightened register of national history, rendering

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