Jeram Patel (1930-2016)

by  Critical Collective

“When we burn something like this, or peel a colour pigment from the canvas, or scratch something on the paper or canvas, we are not destroying, but in the process of creating something.”

When Jeram Patel presented a blow torch on wood work at the inaugural exhibition of Group 1890, he made a powerful

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A Painter of Melodies

by  Soumitra Das

Published in The Telegraph, Saturday, February 5, 2011

It needs an artist of the stature of the Baroda-based artist, Jeram Patel, to reinvigorate abstract art, which is a spent force today. His exhibition, Recent Works of Jeram Patel (till February 26), at the Harrington

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Jeram Patel: Words parallel to his art

by  Nibha Joshi

A strong atavistic current runs in a plenary manner through the drives of man, basically a creature of hard won evolutionary trends. These wicked histories in contrast to the pure space of the truly ideational burn into the work of Jeram Patel. How does such an artist express himself? This timely regret

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The Poetics of Drawing

by  Prayag Shukla

Jeram Patel’s art has always been ‘against interpretation’, and by its very nature has constantly repulsed any attempt to define and describe it, in terms of locating it in any specific context. This, then, can be attributed to the very characteristics of his kind of art, where the verbal and visual

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The Art of Resonances

by  Prayag Shukla

The edges sharp as a knife and the images fluid as water, enhance our perception while we look at these new and enchanting works of Jeram Patel. The colours such as reds, greens etc. Also appear in between or penetrate through the black masses only to heighten our perception further. In the works

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