16 July - 14 August, 2013

Ganges Art Gallery, Kolkata

Participating Artists

Jayshree Basak, Moutushi Chakraborty, Nandini Chirimar, Paula Sengupta, Rajarshri Sengupta

Within the realm of contemporary practice, it has increasingly become possible for printmakers to challenge, reinterpret and extend the traditional parameters of the medium to create work that is at once rich in craftsmanship, suffused with metaphor, and contextually relevant. The practices of the five artists In this exhibition, tentatively titled ‘Beyond the Print’, challenge the traditional frontiers of the print, extending it both technically and conceptually. With this fundamental premise in mind, you are invited to create works for the exhibition that look beyond the print even whilst carrying the lineage of traditional printmaking or inherently bearing what is commonly known as the ‘graphic’ sensibility.

Text by Paula Sengupta.

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