Kapila Vatsyayan (1928-2020): A Personal Tribute

by  Ashok Vajpeyi

Kapila Vatsyayan was a civilisational voice in post-independent India - she embodied a deep understanding of tradition and an openness to modernity in her vision and her work. She was one of the very few scholars who could understand and highlight the continuum between the two.

Her scholarship covered

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Ideology and Art

by  Ashok Vajpeyi

Chavda seems to be experimenting in a new style. He is evolving an individual type of cubism. His colours and subjects have changed the same intense feeling for the subject is apparent in every painting.

Baburao Sadwelkar continues to be the abstract painter par excellence, building up tensions

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The Passionate Grace

by  Ashok Vajpeyi


Paths go from here to there,

but don’t arrive from somewhere!

- Rumi

There was the river Narmada, not yet far from its origin. The dark green forests, thick with trees, rocks, birds and animals. Days drenched in bright sunlight and beauty;

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