Richard Bartholomew: The critic who was a movement

by  Santo Datta

In the title of this essay I have made a statement which I shall try to explain in the following paragraphs. The biographical details like when he became the Director of Kunika Art Centre, or how many years he served the Lalit Kala Akademi as its secretary, will not find any place here. That he was

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Drawing and the shifting focus

by  Santo Datta

The convention demands prior to a discussion on anything, it has to be defined, which, I think, is the most difficult task. The very first stumbling block.

In the history of art, drawing has been defined in so many ways by so many artists and art-theoreticians, both in the East and the West, that

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When you put cart(oons) before the horse

by  Santo Datta

In the aftermath of the recent seminar ‘Punchline -- Cartoons against Communalism’ by SAHMAT, art critic Santo Datta wonders at the naïve inability of participating cartoonists to comprehend their historic role at a time when cartoons are becoming central to social research.

At SAHMAT’S seminar in

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