A sensitive master of creative expression

by  Pran Nath Mago

I had the good fortune of knowing Dhanraj Bhagat (1917-88) as a respected artist, friend and colleague for over 40 years. I remember my first meeting with him at the Mayo School of Arts in Lahore in the summer of 1946. He was visiting from Delhi, where he had taken up a teaching assignment at the Art

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Landscapes Seized with Passion

by  Pran Nath Mago

Bhabhesh Sanyal - born in Dibrugarh in Assam in 1904 - grew up in the midst of bamboo groves and bush hillscapes. His inner desire to move out of the land of his birth eventually drifted him to Lahore in 1929 as a young trained artist from Calcutta, proficient in the arts of sculpture as well as painting.


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