Notes on the visual sources of my paintings

by  Bhupen Khakhar

Dark green leaves with a film of rich Prussian Blue on the corners-dark brown branches extending all over the tree - luscious orange fruit hanging on the branches.

Calendars with Meerabai's face. She resembles Meena Kumari wearing a white sari with cymbals in hands and with full and sensuous breasts

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Letters to Krishen Khanna

by  Bhupen Khakhar

Bhupen Khakhar to Krishen Khanna

From Bhupen Khakhar, 4, University Residency Bungalow, University Press Area, Baroda 2

Dated: 11th June 1969

. . . How was your show in London - I heard from Sheikh that you stayed with some Lord. I imagined you in a big castle (Darcy’s

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